New Stout Fights Ruleset (Adopted from High Rollerz BJJ)

We want our matches to be submission focused for a spectator friendly event

Sub Only Regulation with 6 minute matches, as all of our matches are blue belt and up we will allow all submissions in nogi, banning only heel hooks in gi matches. (Reaping is allowed in both gi & nogi).

Banned Techniques

  • No Slams allowed of any kind at blue or purple belt
  • Brown & black belts may slam out of submissions
  • No slams to purposefully cause damage to head or spine allowed at any level


  • Each competitor will start in back control for a one minute overtime period. Match will continue for the duration of the overtime period even with an escape from back control. Match automatically ends with a submission
  • If no submission occurs after two back control starts (one for each competitor) then there will be a third one minute overtime period. Third overtime period competitors will start on feat with sudden death points scoring. First competitor to score a takedown, sweep, pass or submission win
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  • A snapdown and spin behind for control will constitute a takedown.

Referees Decision

  • If no points are scored or submission occurs during overtime periods, the match goes to a referee's decision. There are two criteria for determining a winner.
  • First criteria: Whichever competitor had a higher number of legitimate submission attempts which were defended.
  • Second criteria: If no submissions were attempted during the match, then the competitor who exhibited more positional control for a longer duration of time will win.
  • Referees decisions are by nature subjective so we ask competitors to be as active as possible in attempts to secure a win via submission to avoid this outcome.


  • If a competitor is erbally warned for stalling three times they are disqualified automatically
  • What constitutes as stalling:
  • Purposefully pushing opponent out of bounds
  • Passivity (No offensive attempts from one or both competitors)

Out of Bounds

  • If a competitor runs out of bounds to escape a submission attempt, referee will call time and reset in the center on the feet
  • Competitor who ran out is given one runout only per match
  • A second runout results in a disqualification
  • If during the course of the match the competitors go out of bounds due to activity (No runout), the match resets in the center:
  • In a dynamic position (i.e. a scramble) match restarts on feet
  • In a static position (i.e. a guard, side control, etc.) match restarts as close as possible in the position in the middle of the mat

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